About Us

Vocavio provides software that automatically and objectively assesses communication performance of teams working in high stress – high workload environments.

We Are Vocavio

  • Speech technology company with a presence in Dublin and Bristol UK.
  • Focus on integrating speech analysis software to augment debriefing and AAR in simulation & training experiences.

Experts in our field

  • Engineered and scientifically validated at Trinity College Dublin (with the assistance of military and commercial pilots)
  • Strong team with significant expertise in emerging technologies, speech science, and software development.
  • Patented technology 
    (#US10152899B2,  #CA2919762A1)

More About Us

Our US patented speech analysis capability can be used alongside other biometric sensing technologies to provide training insights to crew, instructors and air transport operators. Scientifically validated in trials with military and commercial pilots, this applied AI technology provides fast, accurate and actionable insights into crew communication performance and team dynamics.

Accelerate skill acquisition, drive cost efficiencies and training effectiveness during debriefing of an event. 

Accessible via cloud or enterprise license across simulators, synthetic training and embedded systems. 

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