Virtual Presentation at PACDEFF 22 – Sydney, Australia

PACDEFF 2022 is the leading conference in Asia Pacific on CRM and Aviation human factors. Its a two day conference with World class presentations and break out workshops on relevant safety topics for delegates.

On day two, delegates will hear a virtual presentation from Vocavio CEO and Founder, Conor McKenna. In his talk, he will provide an overview of the project ‘TeamDX loadmaster’ and how this VR training tool was designed, developed and deployed.

In particular, the focus of the talk is a new genre of performance metrics that can be derived by combining signal data from collaborative dialog with game log data, aka derivative metrics.

The talk also highlights the role of cloud computing, virtual lobbies and immersive VR environments like Oculus Quest II.

Developing resilience in team communication skills using VR remotely.  



View Presentation Recording Here

SPONSOR: Vocavio is also delighted to co-sponsor this event alongside Australian federation of air pilots, Southpac Aerospace, ACE training center and The honourable company of air pilots Australia.